“Our organization gained valuable perspectives coupled with practical application insights from the Birkman Assessments and Multigenerational Workshop delivered by Abby Foster and Susan Odell. I would highly recommend these dynamic speakers, and the workshop offers a beneficial opportunity from the individual level to the group level, across any industry. The workshop was fun and engaging, and provided relevant professional development that exceeded our expectations.”

Mandy Schaefer, CRMA – Compliance & Ethics Officer – Texas Municipal Power Agency | Past President ̶ Brazos Valley IIA

“Abby Foster’s services accurately captured the culture of our firm, providing detail and insight in such a way that we are able to move forward in a practical manner. Her presentation was very informative and thorough ̶ I highly recommend her services.”

John Flatowicz, CPA, Managing Shareholder – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“Abby did a great job soliciting meaningful information that was important for the firm. We now have honest feedback from our employees that will help us move forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in understanding what their employees are looking for in the workplace.”

Betsy Johnson, Director, Human Resources – Briggs & Veselka Co.

“I had the opportunity to work with Abby Foster while conducting “Boot Camp” management training for entry and mid-level management team members. During the time I managed the program my team and I trained 500 management team members. Our job was significantly easier because Foster positioned herself and her team as partner-providers, designing processes and practices to proactively deliver reliable services and meet or exceed our stated needs.”

Wally Taylor, Division Operations Manager – Tyson Foods

“Abby Foster and I had the opportunity to work closely together at Exult delivering HR BPO services to a diverse group of clients. While I led delivery for the clients, Abby effectively managed our overall client relationships. Abby’s ability to truly understand client needs, convert that to delivery direction and to drive customer satisfaction was exceptional. She was a trusted partner to the entire organization.”

Maureen Scholl, CEO, Outsourcing – Aon Hewitt

“I served on the oversight council of a historic, non-profit recreation center for which Abby Foster was hired to renew and rejuvenate. During her tenure with our organization, Mrs. Foster lent hands-on and dynamic leadership, making great strides in turning around a center that had been on the decline since 1995. Her innovative efforts redesigning the administrative, operational, and organizational aspects of the center resulted in a positive financial trajectory that exceeded the expectations set by the board of trustees.”

Al Lindsey, Executive V.P. | Executive Editor – The Black Chronicle Newspaper

“Abby Foster was a member of my leadership team at Exult, Inc., (a HR BPO start-up organization). She managed several long-term, multi-process HR service contracts with Fortune 500 clients, delivering customer satisfaction, profits, and sales to new and existing accounts with consistent success. Foster’s inclusive style and operational expertise made her a valued leader among her peers and a trusted partner to her clients.”

Kevin M. Campbell, COO – Oscar Healthcare