Workforce Effectiveness Training
Generational, functional, and cultural diversity mark today’s workforce as one of the most challenging in history, with vastly differing employee expectations and multigenerational conflict. With expertise in generational and team dynamics, and certification in the Birkman Method® assessment tools, Ahnimisha delivers customized workshops and training seminars to equip employees with the skills they need to better navigate conflict in a respectful and inclusive manner.

Next Generation Strategy
The Millennial generation is 80 million strong, and the most energetic, knowledgeable, and game-changing generation to enter the workforce since the Industrial Revolution. They represent the beginning of a new approach to the workplace, and many traditional companies are struggling to attract and retain them. Ahnimisha Consulting provides proprietary tools, and expertise in generational dynamics to help develop customized solutions for companies who are seeking to attract, retain, and grow the Millennial talent critical to their future success.

Transformational Leadership
Leadership effectiveness is a critical component of organizational growth and sustainability, and while most of us are born with basic leadership instincts, transformational leaders are created. Ahnimisha delivers group and individual leadership development with workshops, training seminars, and coaching programs customized to meet the needs of our clients. With certification in The Birkman Method®, Ahnimisha uses proven tools to cultivate leaders who serve and respect their followers in an inclusive environment that dissolves barriers and inspires cutting edge outcomes. We help you develop Transformational Leaders.